I’m 34 for a moment

Just because I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking. In fact, the month of August is my own little New Years–partly because it is my birthday month and perhaps partly because it is the month I moved to Charleston and started a new job, new church, and new life of being on my own and having to do things like pay rent and purchase car insurance.

Or maybe because it is hot, rainy, and ridiculously humid.  Even after eleven years, I’m not quite over the 300% humidity.

In other words, the month of August always has me seriously thinking, planning, buying, selling, or wondering–very much aware of the ticking clock of life. (Yes, despite what some people believe, I’m very aware of that clock.)

And this year has been even a bit more so. Perhaps because I’ve had to face mortality in new ways. The untimely death of my uncle in January, serious health issues of my grandparents, the unexpected passing of a colleague, the agonizingly painful one of a client, and so many other reminders that life and health are a gift and not a promise.

Then, last week I went to a Bible study on Time. It was actually the last one of the series, but I missed all the others because…well…because of time. But Andy Stanley took us through the book of Ecclesiastes in one night and I believe it was on of the best summaries of the book I’ve heard.

Basically, there is nothing new under the sun. There is nothing to gain from your toil under the sun. In fact, life is futile under the sun.

Kinda depressing. Actually, depressing. Not kinda depressing.

His conclusion: Fear God. Obey His Commands.

His motivation: Because life is not about what happens under the sun. It isn’t over when the sun goes down. It isn’t limited by what you can see by the light of the sun; or by the time that the sun divides into days and nights.

We revolve around the sun; But God does not. We are a moment; But He is forever.

After challenging us to live in the light of eternity, Pastor Stanley wrapped up the video series by playing the hit song “100 Years.” I had never heard it before and in some ways I was surprised he played it; it isn’t a Christian song. But for some reason, the catchy line, “I’m 33 for a moment” stuck in my mind; playing over and over. I’m 33 for a moment…and then “I’m dying for just another moment…”

The simple melody wasn’t gloomy. The words weren’t particularly profound. Just gentle reminders that life is fleeting under the sun.

I’m 34 for a moment. Dying for just another moment.

My life is full. I don’t think there is much denying that. But I ask myself often, is it full of things that are just for a moment? Is it full of things that are just under the sun?

Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived. He had everything. He knew about royalty. He knew about riches. He knew about romance. And he wanted us to know how little all of that mattered.

All of his stuff was just for a moment. On the day he passed on, it was going to stay under the sun.

So He wrote a whole book to get us to pay attention to these four words: Fear God. Obey His commands.

I’m 34 for a moment.

Dying for just another moment.

Enjoying what is under the sun, but living for what lies above and beyond the fiery ball of matter we call the sun.